Ms. Neycha Soodeen CEO of Radleigh Consulting Founder and CEO of Toute Bagai Publishing

Ms. Soodeen is a strategic communications consultant for regional organizations, a fundraiser for political campaigns and a champion for several initiatives contributing to the betterment of the Caribbean. As the CEO of Radleigh Consulting she is renowned as one of the few people in the region with a tremendous knowledge of the Caribbean. Radleigh Consulting has served several different Government agencies to help facilitate FDI to the island of Barbados and to help market their various products / exports including: The Barbados Tourism Investment Inc.; The Barbados Medicinal Cannabis Licensing Authority; Export Barbados. Additionally, Toute Bagai Publishing (founded by Neycha), is considered one of the Caribbean’s largest magazine publishing houses, working with various hotel brands, real estate developers, Government agencies, regional associations and major corporations building a network of the key decision-makers and the top local and international executives operating or living in the Caribbean.

Length of Directorship: Appointed Feb, 2022