PROVEN Gives to Covid-19 Field Hospital at UHWI

PROVEN Gives to Covid-19 Field Hospital at UHWI

Dr. Carl Bruce, UHWI Medical Chief of Staff explains the layout of the Field Hospital unit at the Donor-Walk thru with Belinda Williams, PROVEN Head of Marketing & Corporate Affairs, and Dennis Grant, Carimed General Manager.


Belinda Williams, PROVEN Head of Marketing & Corporate Affairs in a protocol observed handshake with Dr. Carl Bruce, UHWI Medical Chief of Staff and Dr. Peter Glegg, Snr Legal Officer.


PROVEN Helps with COVID-19 Field Hospital Buildout 

With the recent explosion of COVID-19 hospitalisations as the county goes through another wave of infections, the University Hospital of the West (UHWI) in a national defense response, launched and made a plea for support in their emergency expansion effort to add at least nineteen (19) modular hard-wall structures to the Accident and Emergency area, to help manage the covid-19 patient care. 


PROVEN Investments Limited immediately answered the call and swiftly donated US$12,000 to allow for the much-needed increase and build out of sixty to eighty (60 – 80) bed capacity for COVID-19 patients.  


PROVEN aligned with the UHWI and recognized that the critical expansion serves as a beacon of hope for our hospital front liners, patients and students, as we continue to manage in this severe crisis to protect while maintaining the UHWI teaching programme to avoid future possible shortage of skills. 


On a recent donor-walk through to inspect the unit, Belinda Williams, PROVEN Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs joined Carimed Limited, Desnoes & Geddes Foundation with UHWI officials.  She handed over payment confirmation and congratulated the effort – “PROVEN joins in this vital response as the scourge of Covid-19 continues to weigh heavily on economies and societies. Lives and livelihoods are tremendously impacted, and we are mindful that our Front-line workers are burdened by the pressure imposed on our health and safety resources. The use of tents was not sustainable and more over quite uncomfortable in this climate.  This modular hard-wall solution is extremely humane and advanced with covid-19 technology and truly PROVEN is proud to join like-minded private sector firms in making this project a reality for our nation. We prosper when our communities are well.” 


Kevin Allen UHWI Chief Executive Officer noted “Thanks to corporate Jamaica for entering into this partnership with the University Hospital.  We are appreciative of this gift that will serve the people of Jamaica well.  It will surely serve our clinical team, our nurses and our doctors and will provide a safe and comfortable environment in which they will practice and care.  The fight is about the entire health ministry and those we are striving to protect.”  

The Field Hospital already commissioned and in use, even whilst it is being finalized in its buildout is equipped to operate autonomously and to offer high-quality medical assistance in these dire times and beyond.



About PROVEN Investments Limited


PROVEN Investments Limited (PIL/PROVEN) is the Caribbean’s premier “Income & Growth Strategy” Investment Company, built on the solid reputation of providing investors with safe and consistent returns on their investments. The company’s main objective is to provide shareholders with consistent returns, through a diversified portfolio of regional and international investments spread across three main investment strategies. PROVEN’s core investments include a portfolio of banking and wealth management companies with operations throughout the Caribbean, mainly in Jamaica, Cayman, St. Lucia, Bermuda and the British Virgin Islands. PROVEN has also created additional value and diversification for its shareholders by identifying and securing private and publicly traded, equity and debt positions in well established companies throughout the region and internationally which have the potential for enhanced levels of growth and return over the short to medium term. PROVEN’s Real Estate investments span both residential and commercial developments and are complemented by the consistent returns from our portfolio of commercial rental properties.

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