PROVEN reports solid first-quarter results

PROVEN reports solid first-quarter results

The firm made the announcement amid reporting solid first-quarter results for the period ending June 30, 2013, with a 25 per cent increase in consolidated net revenue to US$2.6 million, and a 22 per cent improvement in net profit to US$1.03 million for the period compared with the same three months last year. Johann Heaven, the senior vice-president of investments at Proven, said that the investment company’s focus is now on diversifying its revenue streams and building on its private equity portfolio.

“These deals will fit nicely in the portfolio and we expect them to provide an above-average return to our shareholders. Our preferred avenue for investment is through mezzanine debt, which is a hybrid of debt and equity financing,” Heaven said. “This financing is in the form of debt capital, where we have the rights to convert to an ownership or equity interest in the company, if we so choose in the future,” he continued.

“We are targeting companies that have a solid track record in their industry with an established reputation and product, history of profitability and viable expansion plans for the business. We are seeing numerous opportunities right now and the deal flow has increased considerably over the past few months.” Heaven said that Proven Wealth Limited (PWL) has been growing its off-balance sheet business steadily and has been performing well. The acquisition of the broker dealer licence by PWL last November has already begun to bear fruit, he said, as the company executes on its objective of listing companies on both the Junior and Main market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange.

PWL successfully raised US$2 million in preference shares for a major corporate during the quarter and will be listing these shares on the Jamaica Stock Exchange before the end of the calendar year, Heaven said.

Asset Management Company Limited (AMCL) during the quarter contributed US$160,000 in net revenue to the Proven Group. The company, which offers consumer, personal, student and micro-business loans, saw further growth in its loan portfolio since the start of the financial year as it continues to expand its product offerings and reach through marketing and other initiatives. AMCL has been aggressive in the retail loan space and is seeing the rewards of its efforts with a doubling of the portfolio in just one year.

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